Jenna Jameson denies boyfriend’s drug claim

Updated: Apr 28, 2010, 16:01 PM IST

New York: Former porn queen Jenna Jameson has denied her boyfriend Tito Ortiz’s claims of hurting herself during a drug intervention.

"I am officially crushed, I have so much I could say, but I refuse to ruin Tito, I will never be the same, I lost the love of my life,” Jameson, 36, wrote on her Twitter page early Tuesday.

Jameson commented after Ortiz, the father of her 13-month twins, wept openly accusing her of an Oxycontin addiction at a press conference following his arrest, reports The New York Daily News.

Ortiz’s lawyer claimed that Jameson was high on Oxycontin when he found pills and confronted her in their Huntington Beach mansion adding that she must have fallen, tearing the ligaments in her arm.

"Tito Ortiz never laid a hand on Jenna," said lawyer Chip Matthews.

"Unfortunately, when there`s drug use, a lot of times people want to play the victim, Tito tried to help her," he added.