Jennifer Aniston has flying phobia

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Aniston says she has a phobia of flying and is petrified whenever she boards a plane, regardless of how many drinks she takes before taking off.

Asked what her biggest fear is during an interview on chat show "Lorraine", she confessed: "Flying. You can`t get a big enough drink and it doesn`t help. I`ve actually gotten much better."

The former "Friends" star also admitted laughter is what makes her relationship with her actor-fiance Justin Theroux work, reports

"My fiance makes me laugh a lot," she said.

The 44-year-old also confesses that she is known for bringing people together and compared herself to an "alchemist" because she is so good at connecting her friends.

"I`m really good at brining people together. I`m like an alchemist with people. I love introducing people to people I know. A girlfriend of mine said the other day she`s met so many wonderful people (through me). I`m lucky because I get to meet great people along the way," said Aniston.