Jennifer fights cosmetic enhancement rumours

Melbourne: Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has denied rumours that her refined appearance is due to cosmetic enhancement.

She rather credited her changing appearance to diet, exercise, growing older and having better plucked eyebrows.

"I am only 26, I am still young," a website quoted Hawkins as telling Today FM.

"I just eat healthy and I exercise a lot."

One of the keys to looking good was having better eyebrows admitted the stunning model and businesswoman.

"I used to have terrible eyebrows, awful, but now I have grown my eyebrows, it makes a difference."

Age was also a key.

"I think a lot of women get better with age, because they are more confident within themselves."

"They know who they are as a woman, they know how to dress better, they are more confident and they have a glow. It is all about make-up and health," she added.