Jennifer Hudson wants another baby

Updated: Aug 18, 2010, 09:04 AM IST

London: Singer-actress Jennifer Hudson is extremely keen to extend her brood and would love to have another sibling for her one-year-old son David Jr, says her husband, wrestler David Otunga.

"David is so great, you can`t help but look forward to the next one. I want to fully enjoy him right now and let him have his time to shine as the only child, but we don`t want to wait too long," Otunga has been quoted as saying by

The proud father also says how he has started loving his wife even more after their child`s birth.

"I feel like I couldn`t love this person any more, and then I see her with our child, and it`s like, `Wow.` It`s like nothing you can imagine."

The couple got engaged two years ago after seven months of dating.