Jennifer Lawrence wants to stand up for herself

London: ‘The Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence says she wants to learn to stand up for herself more in 2013. The 22-year-old actress has said that she finds it hard to attempt honesty while still being nice, reported Digital Spy online.

"My New Year`s Resolution is to stand up for myself. It is hard for me. Nobody wants to be disliked. You always want to be polite and be nice. I tried to find a balance in saying what I mean and still being nice. I can`t do it. I have this `okay` attitude and everything. I end up allowing myself to get walked over and resenting it," she said.

Despite her goal to be more headstrong, Lawrence said that she is not fazed by the Hollywood pressure to be thin.

"I`d rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life," she added.

The ‘X-Men: First Class’ star also said that she doesn`t fit the typical young starlet mould as she is not a fan of partying.

"I don`t like going out that much. I`m kind of an old lady. After it`s 11, I`m like `Don`t these kids ever get tired?` When I`m out, I think about my couch," she added.


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