Jordan’s hubby injects fake-tan drug

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2010, 18:18 PM IST

London: Katie Price’s husband Alex Reid injects himself with a fake-tan drug, which is linked to cancer.

The recently married couple will be shocked to hear that regular use of Melanotan can lead to the killer disease.

And for Jordan, 31, it could be far more terrifying, for she has suffered her own cancer scare when she had a tumour removed from a finger.

Alex, 34, injects the drug straight into his stomach, meaning it gets into his bloodstream quickly.

However, Melanotan, which is only available on the Internet for around 25 pounds, is “untested and unlicensed”.

Its main ingredient was developed to guard against skin cancer, but medics believe that long-term use can cause the disease.

“It may give you a nice tan at the moment but we don’t know what kind of long-term effects it could have,” the Daily Star quoted Florence Palmer, from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Service, as saying.

Alex’s habit came out via Celebrity Big Brother housemate Vinnie Jones, 45, who called it “weird”.