Julianne Moore was self-conscious about her freckles during childhood

New York: Despite being one of the most beautiful and sought after leading ladies in Hollywood, Julianne Moore has revealed that she had to face insecurities while growing up.

The four-time Oscar-nominated actress penned a children’s book series based on her childhood nickname, ‘Freckleface Strawberry’.

In the third instalment, ‘Best Friends Forever’, she reveals that she was often taunted and called ‘dirty’ for her freckles as a child.

Moore, 50, got into writing as she felt that her experiences might help youngsters learn to accept themselves for who they are.

“Kids don’t really care what happened to you,” she told the New York Daily News.

“They just care about what’s happening to them in their own lives.

“When I read to children’s groups, I warm up to them by asking, ‘Have you ever seen anybody with as many freckles as I have?’ And they all say ‘Nooo!’

“Well, they didn’t go away, but when I was a kid, I was really self-conscious about my freckles. But now I’m not!” she added.


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