Just 4 days out of rehab, Amy Winehouse’s back to boozing

London: Amy Winehouse, who is battling alcohol addiction, has gone back to her old boozing ways after being seen drunkenly flailing, just four days after checking out of rehab.

The 27-year-old singer was spotted drinking beer with her friends in the Edinboro Castle in her old North London stomping ground of Camden on Sunday.

“Amy was a bit of a mess and hadn’t made much effort with her appearance,” Mirror quoted an onlooker as saying.

“Despite it being a chilly afternoon, she was wearing a tiny vest and drunkenly flailing about, having several very loud, animated – almost shrieking – conversations with a pal,” the onlooker added.

The singer, who had checked out of London’s Priory Clinic after a week’s treatment, has remained an outpatient of the rehab.


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