Kate Hudson won`t mind surgery in the future

London: Actress Kate Hudson won`t mind going for plastic surgery in the future, but at present she is happy with her looks.

Hudson, 31, is known for her natural laid-back look, and while she doesn`t feel the need to go under the knife at the moment, she knows her views might change as she gets older, reports a website.

"If it`s there, I am sure when the time comes I would want to know about it. I don`t have judgments against women who do it. I haven`t come to that point yet, so I haven`t had to think about it," she said.

"It`s a different time and there are all sorts of things - laser treatments and peels - and I don`t judge a woman for it. Obviously, when they go crazy with it, it`s definitely not attractive, but I think that it`s a personal choice," she added.


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