Kate Moss cleaning up her act for another baby

London: Kate Moss, who is known to start her day with three ice cold beers and half a packet of Marlboro, is now turning her thoughts increasingly to motherhood, her friend has claimed.

The 38-year-old model, who has not had a glass of champagne in sight for days, has been married to ‘The Kills’ guitarist Jamie Hince for 13 months.

“Kate has made no secret among her circle that she’d love to have a baby with Jamie,” the Daily Mail quoted a long-standing pal as saying.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the prospect of another child is a massive motivation for her to clean up her act.

“She eats like a horse now, too, while back in her catwalk days she could easily “forget” to have lunch and dinner.

“And Jamie worships the ground she walks on, so to have the kind of bond that comes from parenthood would mean the world to him.

“Clearly it’s not a straightforward process — neither of them are spring chickens. But it’s what they want more than anything else.

“She’s still Kate, but she’s somehow different. It’s a change for the better, if you ask me,” the friend said.

Moss’s new approach to holiday behaviour that she demonstrated in France indicates changed priorities, even if the transformation may have come a little late in the day.

There was a time when her vacations passed in a blur of alcohol and other, less legitimate substances, but this week she has acted almost like any other well-heeled, well-connected, middle-class mother.

While once she might not have risen until late afternoon, this summer there have been laughter-filled lunches at the glamorous beachfront restaurant Club 55 with Lila Grace, her nine-year-old daughter by magazine editor Jefferson Hack, and friends.


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