Katie Holmes still feels trapped by Tom Cruise?

New York: Actress Katie Holmes still feels trapped by Tom Cruise - despite their divorce.

Cruise remains in almost constant contact to keep tab on their beloved daughter Suri, so Katie can`t ever feel completely free.

"Because of Suri, Katie is tied to Tom for life whether she likes it or not," a website has quoted a source as saying.

"If I were in her shoes, I would be looking over my shoulder every step to see Tom`s reaction. I know how she must feel. It would be torture al­most 24 hours a day. I don`t see how Katie would ever be able to relax,"

"However she looks at it - she`s trapped," added the source.

Adding to her anxiety is the fact that the couple would have celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary Nov 18.

"She`s got to be torn up emotionally because it dredges up both good and bad memories of their marriage," said the source.

"And there will be a battle over Suri`s affection for the holidays. Katie must be fretting over where Suri should spend Thanksgiving and what she should buy her for Christmas.

"There`s always the worry that Tom will outdo Katie and make her feel inadequate as a mother," said the source.