Katona feels confident about toned tummy

London: Singer Kerry Katona is feeling more confident than ever after undergoing a non-surgical treatment for tightening the skin around her stomach, which had begun to sag after she gave birth to four kids.

The 30-year-old was quite conscious about the stretch marks and saggy skin on her stomach, so she decided to undergo a treatment called Meosculpt, dailymail.co.uk reports.

"After four children, I still have problem areas that exercise alone won`t shift. For me it`s the skin around my tummy button. Like every other woman I`m not 100 percent confident, and of course there are things we would all change," Katona said.

"But I do feel a lot more confident about showing my stomach now, and my stretch marks have got a lot smaller, too," she added.

The Meosculpt treatment, which can be used on the stomach as well as other fat-prone areas such as the thighs, arms and love handles, involves a "mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids" applied directly to the skin to help reduce sagging skin and tighten things up.

This is not the first time Katona has resorted to medical help for a perfect body.

In 2009, she opted for a liposuction procedure before putting the two stone she lost back on in just two months.

However, she began exercising later and recently even released her own fitness DVD.