Katrina Kaif bruised her leg while shooting

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Industry’s most bankable actress Katrina Kaif was recently spotted at the book launch of `Raajneeti - The Film & Beyond` with an injured leg.

While some claimed it to be a tattoo that she was hiding, others insisted that she was shooting and probably forgot to take off the bandage before coming to the book launch.

However, a source revealed that Katrina got injured while shooting for YRF`s next when her leg got bruised against the silencer of the bike she was riding.

“Nobody knows about this because Katrina didn’t go around talking about it to one and all. Injuries on sets do happen, but she doesn’t believe in making a big issue about it,” said the source.

“She was sitting on a bike, and when the bike tilted a little more than expected, the silencer, which was very hot, brushed against her skin. It was extremely painful, but she insisted on carrying on the shoot, dismissing her injury. It was only later, when the skin turned raw and the pain became unbearable that she went to the doctor to avoid any complications of the burn getting infected,” added the source.