Katy Perry controls anxiety with medicines

Los Angeles: Singer Katy Perry says she consumes Beta blockers - a drug that treats migraine, high blood pressure and anxiety - every time before going on stage to perform.

The 29-year-old said that she takes pills before getting on stage at her concerts because she doesn`t want her nervousness to jeopardise her music career.

"I have to take Beta blockers, I get so nervous. I think I have to get through this. I can`t let these people down, but mostly I can`t let myself down," said Perry.

"I`ve been given a great opportunity and there are 500 bi****s behind me who will snatch my weave off my head if I don`t kick-ball-change through this two-hour show. There is a lot of choice out there. All I`m trying to do is make great music," added the singer.

She also said that she would never mix a drug with alcohol, as it can lead to decreased heart activity. However, she doesn`t mind a glass of champagne when she finishes a show.

"I always have one drink waiting for me when I get off stage - a glass of champagne," said Perry.

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