Katy Perry got into shape for music video

London: Katy Perry has revealed that she hired a personal trainer to get her into shape for her latest music video "Part of Me".

"I got on a meal plan. I`m still on that meal plan, although I cheat a little bit - I have to live," Perry told MTV.

"I got a fantastic person to work me out and get me into really good shape. On the actual base, I did a lot of things. I flipped girls, I learned how to fireman-carry. I know how to carry my weight a little bit more," she said.

However, the star confessed there was one stunt she was unable to master and the director had to edit that particular shot in the video, reports contactmusic.com.

`Part of Me` has reached number one on the US Hot 100 and is currently on course to top the British charts.