Keith Richards undergoes laser eye surgery

Updated: Jan 07, 2012, 12:56 PM IST

London: Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has undergone laser eye surgery to get rid of his glasses.

The legendary rocker has survived years of drug and alcohol abuse, and even a fractured skull after he fell out of a tree in Fiji in 2006.

The 68-year-old opted for the eye operation to reshape his cornea so that he doesn`t need to wear spectacles anymore, reports

"He`s music`s ultimate survivor but not even the seemingly immortal Keith Richards can stop the march of time. It was a harmless, quick procedure and he`s very happy with the results," said a source.

The eye operation is said to have lasted for around 15 minutes, and was performed at a London clinic.

Post operation, Richards is said to have worn an eye patch making him look reminiscent of his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ character, Captain Teague.