Kelly down with `man` flu

London: TV star Kelly Osbourne was left with a deep manly sounding voice when she caught flu.

The 26-year-old star who was battling a viral flu since the last few days got a deeper voice due to her stuffy and sore throat, reported Contactmusic.

"I hate being ill and when I got an itchy throat last week, I was hoping it was just pollen allergies because the Los Angeles weather`s been amazing recently.

"But it was the flu and I was talking like a man for days! I took too much flu medication and felt so loopy, I could even appreciate the fact we had evening filming for `Fashion Police` instead of a 6am start," said Osbourne.

Being a regular judge on a new TV series, Osbourne was looking forward to a short break but her illness played spoil sport.

"I really hope I shake it off to enjoy the rest of a rare vacation this week. So far I`ve been watching TV and playing with the new puppy. I love shows like `Law and Order` and `CSI`, so I`m having a big catch up," added Osbourne.