Kerry Washington has food allergies

London: `Scandal` star Kerry Washington suffers from food allergies which compels her to carry an anti-allergy injection in her bag wherever she goes.

The 36-year-old actress has severe reactions to certain food that requires her to be cautious in her choice of food, reported Contactmusic.

The Emmy Award-nominated actress travels with an EpiPen, a syringe containing epinephrine, which is used to treat allergic reactions.

"Most people do not know about this but I carry an EpiPen with me almost everywhere I go because I have a lot of food allergies, like fatal food allergies, that if I eat these things, I could wind up dying in an emergency room somewhere," Washington said.

"So I always have an EpiPen. It`s not sexy, but I`m being honest, I have an EpiPen in my bag," she added.