Khloe vows to be bikini-ready in 4 months

London: Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has promised to be `bikini-ready` by the time she hits the beach in June.

The 26-year old model said she wants to feel sexy again in a two-piece suit - and is determined to shed the excess pounds by the time she goes on a holiday to Mexico.

“That`s my mission. I`m going to Mexico in June,” the daily Mail quoted her as telling America`s People magazine.

“I`m in a working-out process and I`m definitely back on trying to lose weight.

“It`s about being healthy, though. I believe in working out, eating well I do everything in moderation. I don`t like people who do extreme, crazy diets,” she said.

The youngest Kardashian sister said she also wants to be a role model to others with similar struggles.

“I don`t know if people think celebrities don`t have insecurities, but everyone does,” she said.

“Mine personally is weight. I could be as skinny as ever but to somebody else, I may not ever be good enough.

“My weight fluctuates, and I accept that and it`s my life struggle, but I just wanted to point out that I`m normal, and everybody has their own things,” the star added.


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