Kimberley Walsh bored of working out

London: Singer Kimberley Walsh has admitted she hates working out and has to try hard to motivate herself to exercise.

The "Girls Aloud" beauty admits she often can`t always be bothered to exercise, because she finds keeping fit too boring, reports

"I am a bit rubbish. I`m like most girls in that I go in and out of phases for a couple of weeks. I think, `Right, I`m going to go to the gym or do a DVD workout` for a few weeks but then I`ll be rubbish for a few weeks and that`s just the way it goes," said Walsh.

"I know a lot of my friends are the same. I`m out of the zone at the moment, but who knows at some stage I might come back. I just struggle to make that a big priority in my life - it`s a bit boring," she added.

Although she doesn`t enjoy exercise, Walsh is constantly watching the calories because of her sweet tooth.

"I always had to be aware of what I eat. If I just ate what I wanted I would be twice the size that I am. So I am aware of it, but again, I have good and bad days, good and bad weeks," Walsh said.

"I love sweet things like chocolate, ice cream, cakes - all the really bad stuff," she added.



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