Kimberley Walsh ‘definitely’ wants babies

Washington: Kimberley Walsh has admitted that she would like to have babies, but the time is not right yet.

Walsh, who has been in a relationship with Justin Scott for eight years, says she is not ready to start a family yet because of the career commitments.

“My sister’s got a little boy. He’s 10 months and just amazing, so I kind of get to take it out on him at the moment. It’s not the right time for us just now, but it’s on my radar,” Contactmusic quoted her telling new! magazine.

“It’s bizarre but if you’re with someone for more than a year everyone’s like, ‘Why are you not married?’ we just try and ignore any outside things and do what we feel.

“We’re really happy. We’ve been together nearly nine years now. For us, it’s kind of like whenever it feels like the right time,” she added.