Kourtney Kardashian lost 45lbs

London: Socialite Kourtney Kardashian, who lost 45lbs after giving birth to son Mason a year ago, has revealed her slimming secrets.

The reality TV star showed off her new sleek figure this week at the Kardashian Holiday Party, posing for pictures alongside her younger sisters, Kim and curvy Khloe.

“I love my new body,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling America`s OK Magazine recently.

“They say it takes a full year to really get your body back and I believe that. I was 140lb when I gave birth and I``m 95 now. But for me it is about being a healthy mom and not being a certain weight,” she said.

The new mom has revealed that she shed the weight by eating small, healthy meals every two hours, rather than three big meals a day.

She also worked out as often as she could by running and doing strength training in the gym.

Sometimes she works out just by doing day-to-day things with her one-year-old son.

“I`d take him on walks when he was a baby and do squats while holding him,” she said.