Kylie breaks down talking about cancer

London: Pop princess Kylie Minogue, who celebrated the five-year, all clear mark of her breast cancer, broke down in tears as recalled the harrowing battle she went through with the disease.

Minogue, 42, opened up, in what is undoubtedly her most raw and candid interview to date, on Australian television program Sunday Night.

The singer spoke about the dark period to her close friend, Molly Meldrum, before the opening night of her Aphrodite tour in Denmark.

Meldrum complimented her on her “brave” battle with the disease, but Minogue corrected him.

“You might have seen the bravery. I don’t think the public saw... well, I stayed indoors. My family got me through really rotten, dark moments,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

Tears welled in hear eyes and she struggled to speak after discussing an encounter with a sick child and their parents in a children’s hospital.

“I was talking to some parents across the other side of a bed and their child was there,” she said.

“I was saying the things that I would normally say in that situation, just making conversation with the child, with the parents, giving them some support as well.

“And then, they really caught me off guard, they just eyeballed me and said, ‘How are you, and we hope you get through it’ and it’s like...” she said as she struggled to find her words.

As Meldrum, who is a legendary music personality in Australia, started to move onto another question, the emotion became too much for Minogue and she apologised and dashed out of the room.

But Minogue quickly returned to the room, eager to explain why the topic had upset her so much.

“The reason that that gets me is, and the greatest part of my job and what I do is the humanity of it, and there’s certain moments where that really cuts through,” she said.

She said that she hadn’t thought about that encounter for some time, and that it stopped her in her tracks.


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