Kylie Minogue hopes to experience motherhood

Updated: Nov 27, 2011, 14:50 PM IST

London: Kylie Minogue has said that she has prepared herself of the possibility of not having any children of her own.

The Australian pop queen revealed that even though she has nephews to spoil, having her own child would be a blessing.

“I love children but you can’t just snap your fingers,” the Daily Express quoted the 43-year-old singer as saying.

“So I try to be philosophical – if it happens that would be incredible.

“It would take my life in a direction I would feel incredibly blessed about,” she said.

The ‘Spinning Around’ hitmaker has made no secret of her love of children but admitted that if it doesn’t happen for her she has a back-up plan.

“My three nephews are going to have to suffer a lot of auntie attention!” she added.