Lady Gaga has fan phobia

London: Pop sensation Lady Gaga has fan phobia and fears that she will end up like Beatles legend John Lennon, who was killed by a crazy admirer in 1980.

The `Paparazzi` hitmaker is so paranoid about being murdered by a fan that she insists on round-the-clock protection by her bodyguards, Contactmusic reported.

The eccentric singer has even boosted the security of her New York apartment and reportedly makes her bodyguard watch over her while she sleeps.

Gaga is terrified that she may meet with the same fate like Lennon, who was shot dead on the steps of his apartment building in 1980, a source said.

"Gaga thinks some of the fan mail has been pretty ominous. Some of her fans are completely obsessed - they make weird comments like saying they won`t be happy until they die with her. She worries over how John Lennon died and fears the same happening to her. She has these horrible thoughts that there may be plans to kill her," the source added.

However, the extra security has baffled her boyfriend Luc Carl, who is not used to the presence of guards around them.

"Luc is getting a bit sick of having security around all the time. When they`re hanging out at Gaga`s place and her bodyguard is there, it kills the mood. But if she feels safer, he understands," the source said.


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