Lady Gaga only drinks `PG Tips` tea on tour

Washington: Lady Gaga likes to drink only British tea label PG Tips while backstage at concerts and TV shows around the globe.

The singer makes sure that she has the drink available on her event food and drink requests list whenever she is traveling.

Gaga’s best friend revealed that the ‘Born This Way’ singer developed a liking for this tea, while touring the United Kingdom in 2009.

Heavy rock DJ Lady Starlight confirmed that it is a requirement for the act - which famously carries a teacup around with her.

"PG Tips are always on the rider. It`s the best black tea and she makes sure it`s on the list, wherever we play," Contactmusic quoted her as telling The Sun newspaper.

On the other hand the Spokeperson of the PG Tips appreciated the American star’s choice.

“We are delighted Lady Gaga has such impeccable taste,” the spokeswoman said.