Leonardo DiCaprio never tempted by drugs

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has never been tempted to try drugs because he grew up around them, he says.

He also saw how they can damage people`s mental state.

"I had seen all the hedonism and insanity of the world of drugs. I grew up in a hardcore neighbourhood," thesun.co.uk quoted DiCaprio as saying.

"Then coming to Hollywood and actually starting to make a career, you see the stuff around you and you are like, `I saw this at age seven`. It is never really been a problem for me," he added.

DiCaprio has decided to take a long break from acting after the promotion for `Wolf of Wall Street` finishes because he feels exhausted.

"I have done three films in two years. I am most certainly drained now. I will now take a long break before I come back," he said.