Liam blames movie for smoking habit

London: `Schindler`s List` star Liam Neeson`s has blamed his role as cigar-puffing Hannibal Smith in `The A Team` movie remake for forcing him to begin smoking
again after quitting 16 years ago.

The 58-year-old actor believes that smoking on camera has caused him to resurrect his old nicotine habit, reported Contactmusic.

"I stopped smoking 16 years ago so it was a real issue for this movie. The props guys got me these amazing fake Cuban cigars but then I was given real ones. I said, `I can`t do
this I`m an addict`," said Neeson.

After just two days of filming, the actor was addicted again and has vowed to insist on "rubber cigars" in future to help him curb his cravings.

"By day two of filming I had discovered cigars and I was in trouble. If we do a sequel I think I will have to insist on rubber cigars!" he said.

Neeson stars alongside Bradley Cooper and Quinton Jackson in the film about a group of rogue military mercenaries who are on the run over a crime they didn`t commit.