Lily says `sobriety has opened her eyes`

London: Pregnant Lily Allen is relieved to quit smoking and drinking because she feels people behave odd under the influence of the alchohol.

The `Smile` hitmaker is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper and is glad she`s bid adieu to drinking, smoking and wild partying.

"I`m enjoying procreating. I`m not missing smoking, drinking and going out. It`s made me realise a lot about some people I used to hang out with. I still have to be around some of them when they`re drunk and I`m like, `Is that what we`re like?` Being sober has opened my eyes a lot," the Daily Star quoted Allen as telling the Sunday Mirror.

Allen is also enjoying watching her body undergoing a change as she moves closer to motherhood.

"I`m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant. It`s making it all the more real. My body`s changing all the time and I`ve got to just embrace it. I`m growing all over. I`ve been wearing sexy maternity tights. I`m so glamorous it`s unreal! The truth is I can`t wait. Being a mother is something I`ve wanted for a very long time," added Allen.