Lindsay Lohan ordered more therapy `to avoid certain failure post-rehab`

Washington: Lindsay Lohan, who had finished her 90-day court-ordered rehab stint at the Cliffside Malibu, has been ordered to attend more psychological therapy sessions.

According to, the treatment center had sent a letter to the judge, who had initially ordered the rehab stay for the actress, claiming that if she is not provided with more court-ordered therapy, she might fall back on her old habits of substance abuse.

In the copy of the letter obtained by the gossip site, the CEO and founder of the rehab facility, Richard Taite , informed the judge that the star needed 3, 50-minute sessions a week for the next 15 months.

Taite added that if the court does not allow more sessions and check on attendance once a month to ensure accountability, it may spell doom for the troubled starlet.

On Thursday morning, the judge agreed to Taite`s terms in open court, and ordered that Lohan stay in therapy and demonstrate that she`s complied.


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