Lunch-break workouts builds fitness

Wellington: Too lazy to get up in the morning for exercise? Well, taking stairs during lunch breaks in the office would be enough to keep you fit.

A personal trainer, Lee-Anne Wann, believes that 45 minutes workout is ample, and for those who are really time-poor, she suggests a 20-minute interval training session.

Either on a cardio machine, or running, go as hard as you can for one minute, then more slowly for one minute. Alternating like this for 20 minutes will burn a lot of calories.

Wann also said the key principles are to work as much of your body as possible, burning as many calories and as much fat as you can in the time you have.

Moreover, accumulated exercise is as effective as working out in one hit, so an option is to aim for a 10-minute walk before work, another at lunchtime and a third after work.

As well as being good for your fitness and fat-burning, working out at lunchtime gets rid of the afternoon crash.

“It will stop you wanting junk food at 3pm,” the New Zealand Herald quoted Lee-Anne as saying.

Working the big muscles, such as the thighs, chest and back, can burn a lot of fat.

“Bigger muscles require more calories, so you burn more fat. And when you work big muscles, you work the smaller muscles at the same time,” she added.


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