Many women not aware about weight gain

Updated: Feb 29, 2012, 08:45 AM IST

Washington: Many people believe that women, who are fanatical about their weight, are quite conscious about every calorie they consume and each new pound they gain.

But a new study has revealed that for a number of women, this fact does not hold true.

University of Texas Medical Branch researchers found that a significant number of women evaluated at six-month intervals did not recognize recent gains in weight, the Discovery News reported.

Researchers took into consideration 466 women of various ethnicities over 36 months and found that almost one-third of women did not notice a weight gain of approximately 4.5 pounds over a six-month time, and one-quarter of women did not observe a weight gain of nearly 9 pounds over the same period.

The study, which is considered to be the first to explore the accuracy of self-perception of recent weight gain, found that African-American women and women who used DMPA users (the birth control shot), were more likely than white or Hispanic women to notice their weight gain.