Mark Wahlberg injures friends with boxing

London: Actor Mark Wahlberg says his boxing passion is proving detrimental to his friends as they have been left with cracked ribs and serious head injuries.

The 39-year-old actor insisted that he developed a love for the sport while training for his new movie `The Fighter` but sometimes takes it too seriously, reported a website.

"I feel bad saying it but I`ve fractured a lot of ribs on other people and a lot of concussions. One friend had some bleeding in the brain and that wasn`t good and it happened at my house. We`re still friends and he came back to train. We never punched in the head again but we`d still spar to the body," Wahlberg said.

Although he felt bad about cracking another friend`s rib, the `Italian Job` star couldn`t stop himself from laughing at his friend`s misfortune.

"Another guy cracked his rib on this side and then he tore the muscles on the other side in pain and he kind of collapsed holding both sides and his pants fell down to his ankles."

"We felt bad that he was hurt but it was so funny that his pants fell down. But those are the risks you take going into the ring. Everybody who goes in is aware of that," he added.