Marlon Brando’s fitness sandal set to hit markets soon?

London: Late ‘Godfather’ star Marlon Brando is about to become famous as a shoe designer, as a Hong Kong company is planning to market a fitness sandal he invented to help him lose weight.

The sandals, made of acrylic with wooden blocks on the side to hold the ankles, are designed to increase resistance and tone legs, the Daily Express reported.

They could be out next year under the name “Marlon Balance”.

Meanwhile, science fan Brando left other inventions to his estate when he died aged 80 in July 2004, including a mobile home that “sinks” into the ground to avoid tornadoes and a pram that rocks babies to sleep.

He also devised “See You, See Me”, an early form of internet so fans could pay to talk to him online.


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