Meditation makes Russell Brand happier

London: British comedian Russell Brand says meditation has helped him become a happier man.

Brand`s divorce with estranged wife singer Katy Perry is to be finalised in July, but he isn`t stressed about it. Instead, he says the transcendental meditation has helped him acquire a happy state of mind.

"I try not to compartmentalise things too much into years, but generally speaking, I`m happier than I`ve ever been in my life," quoted Brand as saying.

"Of course I went through a divorce, which isn`t good for anybody, but that was that bit of time - that was really lovely - this is this bit of time - this is really lovely," he added.

Brand and Perry ended their 14-months-old marriage and filed for divorce earlier this year.

Since then, Brand has been linked to various women like TV host Emily Hartridge, while Perry has been linked to guitarist Rob Ackroyd.