‘Merengue’ star Elvis Crespo to enter alcoholism rehab center

San Juan: Puerto Rican merengue star Elvis Crespo will soon check into a rehab center to treat his alcoholism following an incident related to his drinking problem.

"I admit I have a problem with alcohol and that I have to work on it. I`m now privately looking for a rehabilitation facility so I can keep going," Crespo said in a statement to the press after leaving a hospital in Guayabo, a city neighbouring San Juan.

"I`d love to give it all a rewind, but these things happen...God has a plan in this, though, and I will do whatever it takes to keep going. Life is full of things like this," the artist said.

Crespo, 41, was involved last Tuesday in a ruckus with the manager of the Made in Puerto Rico restaurant, Alexander de Jesus, in the San Juan tourist area.

The singer started yelling at the manager, who had let him use the bathroom, then went to the bar and not only ordered a beer and refused to pay for it, but also tried to kiss De Jesus and the man`s wife, which exploded into an argument.

Cops arrived on the scene to investigate the incident, but no complaint was filed against Crespo because De Jesus did not wish to press charges.

"What happened early last Tuesday was totally regrettable and shameful. I was wrong and I ask forgiveness of my family and fans," said Crespo, who was with his sister Liliana Crespo and another woman at the time.

Crespo`s wife Maribel Vega was not with him since she is currently outside Puerto Rico.

Crespo`s music career has been full of ups and downs including episodes of unfaithfulness and the divorce from his ex-wife Ana Ceruto after 10 years of marriage.

In 2006 Crespo had to take a DNA test to determine whether he was the father of the baby girl Alanis Thais, daughter of Sheila Ramos, with whom he had an extramarital affair.

Two years later, the singer of hit tunes like "Pintame", "Suavemente" and "Luna Llena" divorced Ceruto.