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Michelle Heaton to undergo heart operation

Updated: Feb 14, 2013, 10:36 AM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Michelle Heaton says she will undergo a heart operation soon and might have to use a pacemaker to maintain a regular heartbeat.

Heaton, 33, went through double mastectomy in November last year to avoid developing breast cancer. She will soon have a reunion of her band Liberty X and will have the operation post that only.

"After the Big Reunion gig, I`m going to have an operation, where they`ll put electrical wires into my heart. It doesn`t sound nice and I`ll be awake... They`ll measure my heartbeat and see where the arrhythmia (irregularity) is coming from," Heaton wrote in a column for OK! magazine.

"Then, depending on the prognosis, I could have a pacemaker fitted. I don`t want a pacemaker, but if it fixes my problem of course I will," she added.