Mick Jagger’s fitness, beauty credited to yoga, pilates, £500 creams

London: Rolling stone star Sir Mick Jagger might have turned 68 but his fitness and looks are still maintained, thanks to his diet and a proper exercise regime.

Jagger’s regime is masterminded by famous trainer Torje Eike, who makes him run eight miles a day during the build-up of a tour, and besides that, swimming, kickboxing, cycling, and hitting the gym regularly are also included.

To maintain his balance, he resorts to ballet lessons and studies yoga and pilates, reports the Daily Mail.

He also has curbed his drinking these days and maintains a diet that consists of wholegrain bread, potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, chicken and fish.

He uses Prescriptives Super Flight Cream and La Prairie Caviar face pack besides applying anti-ageing staples like Clarins and Lancome moisturising lotions.

He doesn’t ever part from Creme de la Mer, which costs a whooping 530 pounds per 250ml pot.

He also uses countless supplements regularly that includes Vitamins A, C, D and E as well as B complexes, cod liver oil, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.


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