Miranda Kerr slammed over ‘cancer cure’ advice on blog

Melbourne: Miranda Kerr has become the subject of fans’ ire after a blogger on her health website claimed that people could cure themselves of cancer in 24 hours merely with fresh air and positive thinking.

Model and actor Liana Werner-Gray wrote on her blog that people diagnosed with cancer “don’t have to die if they don’t want to”.

Werner-Gray, a cancer survivor, said she cured herself with rest, Epsom salt baths, enemas and rubbing herself with special clay.
She claimed that Kerr’s mother, Therese, cured herself of cancer through organic diet and healthy lifestyle.

Some fans have reacted angrily to Werner-Gray’s blog, branding it “cruel” for giving people “false hope”.

“Although your frame of mind helps to an extent, it is a gross falsification to try and say that you can cure aggressive cancers through mind power,” one wrote.

“Use positive thinking techniques to help these people enjoy what time they have left, not to give them false and misguided hope.”

Kerr’s spokeswoman Carlii Lyon said Werner-Gray was not employed by the Victoria’s Secret model.

“The blog written by Liana Werner-Gray entitled ‘Is There Already A Cure For Cancer’ is a reflection of Liana’s personal beliefs and ideas only,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“The blog is monitored for obscene language and defamatory material, however the bloggers are free to express their ideas and personal research,” she added.