Mum influenced me in respecting health and body: Cameron Diaz

Updated: May 09, 2011, 19:00 PM IST

London: Cameron Diaz, who started her career with ‘The Mask’ with Jim Carrey, has finally revealed her success story on how she kept her wild side at check.

Diaz, 38, ruminated how her mother influenced her in respecting health and body.

"My mom, Billie, was very open when talking about sex. She made me understand about taking care with boyfriends,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Sun.

“She knew that I was boy crazy, since the age of seven, so banned me from any dates until the age of 16,” she added.

According to Diaz, she never thought that she was attractive in her teens. But she started modeling at 16 and got attention from people she didn`t think she would get attention from.

Otherwise in extreme control regarding her health, she recalled about an incident where she lost her consciousness and found herself later on in trouble.

“I did make one mistake, on a job in Australia. I went out drinking in the sun without paying attention to what I was consuming. I woke up in the morning so sick I didn`t think I was going to live. I called my mother and said if I died, she had to come and get my body. It did not cure me from drinking but it cured me from being that stupid ever again,” she said.

“I did not do casual dating for years because I had a boyfriend, a video producer called Carlos de la Torre, for five years” she commented on her dating life.

She entirely denied the rumour of an affair with George Clooney. “There were rumours shortly afterwards that George Clooney was my boyfriend. That was never the case. We just met, out and about,” she added.

When asked about her success in retaining the fitness and beauty she owed it to her mother. “My mom``s warnings and influence, over the years, to respect myself and my body have really paid off,” she said.