Naomi practices Kabbalah ‘to curb anger’

London: It seems Naomi Campbell is leaving no stone unturned to control her violent temper and maintain her calm.

The supermodel has revealed that she is attempting to reign in her explosive temper by converting to the mystical Kabbalah religion.

After two court convictions for violence and repeated assaults on her personal staff, the 40-year-old said the teachings of Kabbalah was taking her to a `positive, calm place`.

“I study Kabbalah because it takes me to a positive, calm place. That`s what I use it for, and it helps me a lot,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

The Streatham-born model, who was a star witness at the recent war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor over the gift of a `blood diamond`, said she had dabbled in the mystical offshoot of Judaism since 2000.

She was spotted having secret meetings with Madonna`s Kabbalah mentor Rabbi Eitan Yardeni in New York earlier this year.

“I`ve been in and out of Kabbalah since around 2000. It`s just something I have taken more seriously,” Campbell said.

She told US fashion magazine Interview that she was reading Kabbalah teachings daily, adding, “I`ve been practicing. I don`t know if I`ve been pronouncing everything right, but I`ve been practicing.”

Kabbalah is a spiritual movement rooted in Jewish mysticism with its supporters identified by wearing a loose fitting string on their wrists.


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