Newest way to lose weight: Think yourself thin

New York: Could hypnotism be the answer for those who are desperate to shed those extra pounds but don’t want to risk surgery? Well, it’s reportedly the latest trend in the diet world.

According to a news daily, in a successful clinic in Spain, hypnotherapists Martin and Marion Shirran are using a combination of hypnotism and an educational program to help patients lose weight without having an operation.

In their new book, “Shirrans’ Solution: The Gastric Mind Band,” the Shirrans describe the technique they say convinces users their tummies have shrunk - and that they must eat less, reports a news daily.

The couple, who call their program the “gastric mind band,” use hypnotherapy to put their patients through the process of getting a virtual gastric band – right down to the hospital sound effects and smells.

The point is to make patients think and feel like they’ve actually had the banding surgery.

In a gastric band surgery, the banded stomach is reduced to the point where the most the patient can consume per meal is about six tablespoons of food, compared to a typical meal that would measure the size of two clenched fists.

The Shirrans expand upon the ideas they say have helped their clients.


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