No cosmetic surgery for Former Spice Girl Melanie C

London: Former Spice Girl Melanie C admits she is "frightened" of cosmetic surgery but doesn`t judge people who go under the knife to alter their looks.

The singer also thinks people can go "too far" with such cosmetic procedures, reports

"Cosmetic surgery frightens me a little bit - people go too far and sometimes it goes wrong but I wouldn`t judge those who want it done. I`ve not had it done myself," said Mel C.

However, the 37-year-old has several tattoos and admits she regrets some of them.

"I regret some of them. I was very young and I`ve changed a lot since then, plus some of them are in prominent places," she said, adding she had a tough time covering the body art while she was appearing in London stage production "Blood Brothers".

"When I did `Blood Brothers` on stage I had to cover them up, which was a messy job involving acrylic paint and glue," Mel C said.


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