Now, ‘friction sandal’ designed by Marlon Brando to help reduce weight

Melbourne: Late Marlon Brando has been known for being a rebel and an actor, but now it has emerged that he was also an inventor, who designed a pair of sandals that would help lose weight.

The “friction sandal” designed to give one more exercise by being harder to walk in, was worn by Brando while walking in the shallow end of his pool at his home in California. It is now set to go into production.

Kevin Costanza, a patent lawyer who was Brando’s adviser on 20 blueprints, revealed on Los Angeles radio last week that Brando designed the shoes so he could lose weight.

“The idea was these shoes would increase resistance as you walk on the bottom of the pool,” the Herald Sun quoted Costanza as saying.

“He did not want to go out a lot because he would always be recognised and bothered by people.

“The shoes were acrylic with wooden blocks on the side holding your ankles in place, making it more difficult to walk,” he added.

Hong Kong-based shoe manufacturer K-Tone admitted that it had plans to produce a line of ‘Marlon Balance’ shoes to cash in on the market for ‘rocker’ gym shoes.

According to them, the shoes curved soles will help burn calories and tone leg and bottom muscles.


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