Osbourne under pressure to stay slim

London: Singer Kelly Osbourne feels under pressure to maintain her new slim figure.

The singer-reality TV star dropped several dress sizes after appearing on the US reality show "Dancing With The Stars" in 2009, and continued to work out after the series ended, losing a staggering 22.7 Kgs.

Osbourne was delighted to receive Fitness magazine`s Best Celebrity Body 2010 award and admits seeing the criticism aimed at actress Kirstie Alley whose weight has fluctuated regularly since she found fame is an incentive to keep the pounds off, reports okmagazine.com.

"Half of me thinks that`s (the award) so cool and the other half thinks that I really have to keep this up because if I gain a pound now everyone`s going to Kirstie Alley me. There`s that pressure to keep it off. But what happens if there`s a few months when I want to eat pie and mash every day? I`ll be crucified," she said.