Palmer did rigorous training for new film

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Teresa Palmer has revealed that she had to undergo rigorous physical training for her role in ‘I Am Number Four’.

Produced by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay and directed by D.J. Caruso, the film is about nine teenaged aliens who have different powers and are sent to earth to hide from their enemies.

These nine aliens can only be killed in numerical order. Palmer plays Number Six, who is incredibly skilled in martial arts and sword-fighting.

Palmer reveals she began training three months before shooting commenced.

"I didn`t want to do `Six`, the disservice of not knowing how to fight, so I worked with Peng Zhang, a talented fight coordinator who specialises in martial arts," she said.

"We worked extensively for a few months, concentrating on kicking form-side kicks, back kicks, front kicks - and then putting that together with sword work to create the fierce action," she added.

However, Palmer admits that she is extremely excited about her role.

The film is being presented by Dream Works Pictures and Reliance Big Entertainment.


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