Paramedic says MJ could have been saved had call for help been quicker

London: Richard Senneff, the first paramedic to reach Jackson’s home testified in the Los Angeles Superior Court that had the call for help been quicker, there would have been a good chance of saving the singer’s life.

Senneff told the court that he was at the spot within four minutes of the call made to 911, contrary to the claim made by Dr. Murray who earlier said that 911 was immediately contacted after Michael stopped breathing.

If the 911 call had been immediate then "it was a patient we had a really good chance of saving," the Telegraph quoted Senneff telling the court.

"I knew we got there very quickly. We would have a good chance of starting the heart if that was the issue," he added.

Martin Blount, another paramedic accompanying Senneff said that Dr. Murray told him that his patient had only been "down" for "one minute" when emergency services arrived. But the paramedic found that Jackson had already “flatlined,” adding “his skin was very cool to the touch and his eyes were open, dry, dilated."

The physician also gave inaccurate information about the medications Jackson had taken by saying that the singer had taken a small amount of sleeping pill drug lorazepam, but did not mention the powerful anaesthetic propofol which was later found to have caused Jackson’s death, he claimed.


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