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Paul McCartney downed whisky after `The Beatles` split up

London: Sir Paul McCartney has for the first time, revealed how he battled a drink problem after ‘The Beatles’ broke up.

The singer confessed that he would hit the bottle at his hideaway on the Mull of Kintyre while struggling to adjust to his solo career.

The singer, who will be 70 on June 18, admitted worrying his first wife Linda by often being so drunk in the early 1970s that he was unable to write songs.

“I overdid it, basically. I’d drink whisky, of which there was a large supply in Scotland,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“What happened was The Beatles, towards the end, was very constricting. You were in a corporate world suddenly. It’s not what you get into music for, but it’s there.

“It got very heavy, so me and Linda escaped with the kids, but the business hassles were still there.So I think I was just trying to escape in my own mind. I had the freedom to have just have a drink whenever I fancied it,” he said.

The singer, who has re-released his 1971 solo album Ram, further added that his addiction to alcohol got so bad that eventually his wife had to ask him to “cool it.”

“I’d be getting like ‘heeyyyy, nice and fuzzy’ and it’s not a good thing to write. Least for me it’s not,” he said.

“Me and John [Lennon] were always very straight when we wrote, and it was normally in the middle of the day when you had your wits about you,” he added.


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