Pauline Quirke`s weighty confession

London: British actress Pauline Quirke admits she was overweight because she was greedy.

The 52-year-old actress -- who lost 50 kg in 12 months -- insists she had no one to blame for her weight but herself.

Weighing almost 127 kg, Quirke admitted her full figure not only damaged her confidence but also her health, reported.

In her new autobiography titled "Where Have I Gone?", she said: "I was tired of not being able to find clothes to fit, tired of sunbathing on a hotel balcony on holiday because I was too self-conscious to sit by the pool. I`d had a disc removed in 1991, I had diabetes in 1994 when I was pregnant with my son Charlie and had to have a hip replacement in 2009."

But things came to a head when she had to ask for a seat-belt extension while taking a flight to Majorca with husband Steve Sheen.

"And that was enough. It was time I sorted myself out," she said.


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