Pop heartthrobs `Backstreet boys` turn vegetarian

London: Pop heartthrobs, the `Backstreet Boys` have given up meat to get fit for their upcoming tour with `New Kids On The Block`.

The members of the boy band are determined to keep their energy levels up with a mix of a good diet and supplements, reported Contactmusic.

"We`re getting a lot of rest and have switched over to a vegetarian diet. I`m trying to get my brain clear and ready for everything that`s to come," said Nick Carter.

"I downloaded a meditation book. I like to relax and meditate. I think they`re important because I have so much going on and if I don`t find peace within it all, it could be dangerous for your health," he added.

The band has also hired a singing coach to help make sure they hit the high notes on tour.

"I`ve been doing vocal rehearsals. We`ve all been coached," Carter said.